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Cupcake Menu 

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* Cupcake prices vary for SPECIAL ORDERS

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Boston Cream Brownie Candy Cup Carrot Cake

Boston Cream

Vanilla cake with Bavarian cream filled and chocolate topping


Moist brownies with various toppings


Candy Cup

Vanilla cake with chocolate or vanilla frosting and candies

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting


Chocolate Chip Mint Coconut Snowball Chocolate Filled Chocolate Rage

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate cake with mint icing and cholate chips


Coconut Snowball

Vanilla or chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and coconut

Chocolate Filled

Chocolate cake with chocolate bavarian cream filled and medium chocolate frosting

Chocolate Rage

Chocolate cake and midium chocolate frosting


Chocolat Vanilla Fudge Truffle German Chocolate Mum-Mum's Chocolate

Chocolate Vanilla

Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting



Fudge Truffle

Dark chocolate cake with cholate frosting

German Chocolate

Chocolate cake and chocolate frosting with with nuts and coconut

Mum-Mum's Chocolate

Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and dark Belgium chocolate curls

Mum-Mum's Vanilla Orange Kahlua & Coffee Raspberry Filled

Mum-Mum's Vanilla

Vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting and white Belgium chocolate curls



Vanilla cake with orange frosting

Kahlua & Coffee

Chocolate cake with Kahlua and coffee frosting

Raspberry Filled

Chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting and a raspberry filling

Red Velvet Oreo Peanut Butter Cup Vanilla Riot

Red Velvet

Cocoa based cake and cream cheese frosting


Chocolate cake with Oreo frosting

Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and crumbled peanut butter cup

Vanilla Riot

Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting

Lime Vanilla Filled lilycupcake.jpg timthumb.png


Vanilla cake with lime frosting


Vanilla Filled

Vanilla cake with vanilla filling



Sample Holiday



Packaging Options:

At House Of Cupcakes, we do not add preservatives to our cupcakes.

We recommend our air tight single cell containers for maintaining freshness

and to keep cupcakes intact during transport.

We also offer gift boxes. When choosing a giftbox, we recommend removing

cupcakes after one day and placing them in an air tight container to maintain freshness.


...and HOC offers many, many more cupcake flavors & toppings!

other cupcakes

We offer many varieties of cakes and frostings

Our vanilla comes in a light fluffy version and a good old fashion vanilla like
grandma used to make. The kind that is soft underneath and hard on top.

Our chocolate comes in fluffy light chocolate and  a smooth and creamy dark
chocolate. Our German chocolate is so irresistible!

We also offer a cream cheese frosting which is very popular on the red velvet
cake. Other frosting and toppings include: Oreo, Spearmint, Peppermint, Fruit
flavors, Kahlua (Coconut and Belgium Chocolate topped) Raspberry, Vanilla,

Chocolate , Custard filled and our Strawberry short cake is amazing!

Our flavors are always changing but you can order any of them at anytime.

Thank You for your continued patronage!

*Seasonal Cupcakes for Holidays and Special Occasions

Plus much more including daily specials



(609) 924-0085